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Bitplay SNAP PRO, recensione della custodia fotografica per iPhone

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How To Turn Your iPhone Into a DSLR

Surely you don’t own a fancy DSLR, that’s why you are here. Isn’t it? Anyways my friend, who needs a DSLR when your iPhone is much capable of capturing surreal photos for you. It is an old saying, “the best camera is one you have with you” and your iPhone...

Make Your iPhone More Like a Real Camera With SNAP! PRO

Many of us have stopped using traditional cameras since the rise of smartphones. After all, the best camera is the one you have with you, and you always have your iPhone with you. But if you miss the look, feel, and flexibility of a dedicated camera, bitplay has a solution...

BitPlay SNAP! PRO - Fotograficzny zestaw do iPhone'a

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SNAP PRO, iPhone camera case van Bitplay

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Review: SNAP! Pro iPhone Photography Case (Apple iPhone 6S)

If you had asked me years ago to do an iPhone camera case review, I probably wouldn’t have taken you seriously though I had full knowledge that I’d eventually do them. Fast forward a while, and here I am: and enjoying the heck out of it. One of those cases...

iPhone Camera Transformer!

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「玩樂的拍照感」SNAP!PRO 交換鏡頭的樂趣

現今,手機取代了生活拍照的大部分需求,用手機拍出好照片的巧思,來自於攝影者本身的眼光,變化豐富的色調處理,各種有趣的APP拍照搭配等,但還有更有趣的玩法,就是更換各種外接鏡頭,如廣角鏡頭、望遠鏡頭甚至裝上魚眼鏡頭,來營造APP軟體所達不到的拍照效果。 Read more

BitPlay SNAP! PRO Unboxing & Overview

In this video we are taking a look at the BitPlay SNAP! PRO. It's a professional camera case for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. We have the premium package right here! Read more

Turn Your iPhone Into a Natural Point-and-Shoot Camera

The cameras built into smart phones are getting more and more capable and they have impacted sales of point-and-shoot cameras significantly. I still prefer using a dedicated camera instead of using my phone, and part of the reason is that using my phone doesn't feel the least bit like using...

Make Your iPhone6/6S handle Like A Camera, Core of Interchangeable Lens System

The SNAPI Pro iPhone case does a very credible job in reaching a very difficult goal: convert the iPhone to handle like a camera while not fatally compromising its use as a phone. The iPhone 6/6S already have excellent rear cameras. This case goes a long way toward improving handling...