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Photography Set(SNAP! Case + Premium HD Lens Series)

$88.58 USD$143.98 USD

*Including one SNAP! Case with a HD Wide Angle Lens or a HD Telephoto Lens.
*SNAP! Case is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 / XS / XS Max / XR / X.

『Capture Life Better.』

Take pictures like a pro with the most camera-centric phone case on the market. The latest edition of our signature SNAP! Case has all-new features that complement the iPhone 11/Pro/Pro Max. Capture your shots with a true camera experience in the palm of your hand. 

Take photos like a pro

The SNAP! Case isn’t just designed for your phone—it’s designed for your phone’s exceptional camera. Making the newest iPhone even better is a lofty task, but the SNAP! Case optimizes the world’s best phone camera with a DSLR-like feel.

Experience ergonomic comfort

With an add-on grip and our patented shutter button made for function and comfort, you can snap photos with ease and a camera-like feel (and never worry about missing another moment). The shutter button works by triggering the volume button to take pictures in the iPhones default camera app, so its always on when you are—no bluetooth, battery, or power needed.

Protect your phone from (nearly) anything

This slim, sleek phone case has more protection than ever before—without adding needless bulk. The SNAP! Cases interior is made from a flexible rubber-like material with rounded edges that provides military-grade shock-resistance and drop protection. Together, these features ensure the ultimate security for your new device.

Represent your personal style

Your phone goes everywhere you do—so why settle for the same look day after day? For the first time, were introducing new colors that are easily interchangeable, so you can customize your SNAP! Case with the change of your mood—or the weather. Additional colors sold separately.

Pair with bitplay accessories 

Ready to take your photography to the next level? No matter what kind of photographer you are, experience the bitplay difference by adding one (or more) of our high-quality accessories (sold separately): 

  • bitplay’s signature lenses add effects and give images more possibilities. 
  • Keep your device in place with the neck or wrist strap for added security
  • Capture remote photos with just one button using the SNAP! Bluetooth Shutter Grip 
  • Level out your photos with the inSpire Tripod, with endless directions and angles to capture via 90° movement and 360° rotation

    [ SNAP! Case for iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11 Technical Specifications]

    Compatibility:iPhone 11 Pro / 11 Pro Max / 11

    Material:PC, TPE, Aluminum
    (11 Pro)8 x 15.1 x 1.3 cm
    (11 Pro Max)8.6 x 16.5 x 1.3 cm
    (11)8.4 x 15.8 x 1.3 cm
    (11 Pro)45g
    (11 Pro Max)65g
      - SNAP! Case x1
      - Silicone Adhesive Grip x1
      - Black Nylon Wrist Strap x1
      - User Manual x1 

    Compatibility:iPhone XS / XS Max / XR

    Through Simplicity Everything is Possible
    The brand-new SNAP! Case collection comes with two new revolutionary changes: an ultra-lightweight body, and enhanced protection. The new SNAP! Case is not only stronger, but only weighing just over an ounce (35g)! Our SNAP! Case also works perfectly with our new add-on: the SNAP! Grip, a Bluetooth enabled shutter grip that adds a physical shutter button to the case and can be used as a remote control. SNAP! Case comes included with an ergonomics grip that adds comfort and convenience to every shot, bringing your mobile photography to a true professional level.

    1. Ultra Slim, Ultra Light 
    The SNAP! Case is 25% slimmer and 50% lighter than its predecessors. The SNAP! Case weighs just over an ounce (35g)! Through the incorporation of a beveled design, the SNAP! Case fits perfectly with a fully realized grip in the hands of its user.

    2. Enhanced Protection
    Despite being slimmer and lighter the SNAP! Case has doubled down on its protection. SNAP! Case is the first of the series to sport an "all-edges-covered" design. Its dual-layered construction ensures that your phone stays safe and secure in any situation. The tough, polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorber work harmoniously to absorb impacts, and prevent scratches with the perfect shot in mind. 

    3. Complete Your Collection: Add-on Lenses Available Now! 
    All of bitplay’s esteemed add-on lenses work with both of SNAP! Case’s dual lens mounts. bitplay offers one of the most extensive collections of lenses for mobile photography on the market today, including 8 add-on lenses and 3 filter lenses. From the bestselling Premium HD Lens Series and M52 Filters, to our standard Lens Collection for beginning enthusiast, bitplay offers the users a plethora of diversity for any shot requirement. 

    4. Exchangeable Grips for Greater Flexibility 
    SNAP! Case comes with a streamlined grip; carefully crafted for everyday use, and taking quick photos. With the Bluetooth enabled SNAP! Grip, (An all-new front-line Bluetooth shutter grip), available for SNAP! Case anyone can make holding your smartphone feel like a real camera.


    - Compatibility: iPhone XS / XS Max / XR
    - Color: Black, Army Green, Khaki White
    - Material: ABS+PC, TPU
    - Dimensions: 16.3 x 8.2 x 1.6 cm
    - Weight: 52 g

    - Contents:

    • SNAP! Case x 1
    • Streamlined Hand Grip x 1
    • Black Wrist Strap x 1
    • User Manual x 1


     Compatibility:iPhone X

    Better photography with your favorite camera.
    A dual-lens iPhone X photography case, available in four exclusive colors.

    Memorable moments: Better photography with your every day, most-used camera—for those special moments and lasting memories. With a patented physical shutter button, redesigned handles and an incredible collection of lenses, SNAP! X delivers the most authentic mobile photography experience you can get.

    Explore a different shade of X: Select a unique color-combination for your case and handle, making a more personal SNAP! experience that works with your style choices. The delightful color pairings hint at flair and sophistication.

    Changing it up: The adhesive-silicone handles are interchangeable, so you can switch things up for a fresh look. Mix and match colors for your own unique feel and re-use whenever you want. There’s an included storage pad, and the adhesive strength can be restored after long-term use with a quick splash of water.

    More creativity with double lens mounts: The first SNAP! case to incorporate a double lens mount. That means there’s a separate mount for each lens of the iPhone X’s dual lens camera—unlocking dramatic new creative possibilities. Try a Premium HD Telephoto Lens with iPhone X’s telephoto lens for up to 4 x optical zoom, or get twice the width with a Premium HD Wide Angle Lens on iPhone’s wide lens.

    A world of lenses to explore: There’s a world of bitplay lenses to discover. A complete, professional range with natural color reproduction and precise construction. Fitting securely onto your case in a snap, there’s wide angle, fisheye, macro, telephoto and more available— including a brand new CPL filter to create jaw-dropping scenes and magical results.

    Protection you can count on: SNAP! cases have always been built with protection in mind. The dual-layer engineered construction ensures that your iPhone X stays safe. The tough, scratch-proof polycarbonate outer shell and soft TPU shock-absorbing inner function together perfectly, dispersing impacts and protecting your investment.


    Comparison images: Premium HD Wide Angle Lens ]

    Taken with iPhone X only

    Taken by iPhone X with Premium HD Wide Angle Lens

    Taken by the wide angle camera of iPhone 11 Pro only

    Taken by the wide angle camera of iPhone 11 Pro with Premium HD Wide Angle Lens
    With the night mode of iPhone 11 Pro Wide Angle Camera, the image stays crisp and clear. 

    Taken by the ultra-wide angle camera of iPhone 11 Pro only


    Comparison images: Premium HD Telephoto Lens ]

    Taken with iPhone X only

    Taken by iPhone X with Premium HD Telephoto Lens (2X optical zoom)

    Taken by the telephoto camera of iPhone X with Premium HD Telephoto Lens (4X optical zoom)

    Taken by the telephoto camera of iPhone 11 Pro only  (2X optical zoom)

    Taken by the telephoto camera of iPhone 11 Pro with Premium HD Telephoto Lens (4X optical zoom)

    [ SNAP! X Technical Specifications ]

    - Compatibility: iPhone X
    - Colors: Noir Black, Pure White, Midnight Blue, Khaki Green
    - Materials: ABS+PC, TPU
    - Dimension: 147.52mm x 74.94mm x 12.41mm
    - Weight: 53g


    • SNAP! X Camera Case x1
    • Reusable Adhesive Handle x2 ( Noir Black- Olive Green & Sand, Pure White- Gray & Olive Green, Midnight Blue- Gray & Olive Green, Khaki Green- Olive Green & Sand) ** Please note, the reusable handles are consumable items and no exchange or return will be provided. 
    • Black Wrist Strap x 1
    • User Manual x1

    Designed and Made in Taiwan 

      Premium HD Wide Angle Lens Technical Specification ]

    Compatibility: bitplay SNAP! case collection and lens clip collection
    - Magnification: 0.60X
    - Mount: 13mm threads
    - Minimum Focus Distance: 15mm
    - Lens Construction: 6 multi AR coated optical glass elements in 6 groups
    - Lens Housing: High-grade aluminum alloy lens housing
    - Dimension: 
    44mm (Ø) x 25.7mm (H)
    - Weight: 36g (Lens only without other accessories)

    - Content:

    • Premium HD Wide Angle Lens x1
    • Lens Cap x2
    • Soft Carrying Bag x1

      Premium HD Telephoto Lens Technical Specification ]

    Compatibility: bitplay SNAP! case collection and lens clip collection
    - Magnification: 2X
    - Mount: 13mm threads
    - Minimum Focus Distance: 240mm
    - Lens Construction: 5 multi AR coated optical glass elements in 4 groups
    - Lens Housing: High-grade aluminum alloy lens housing
    - Dimension: 
    44mm (Ø) x 31.1 mm (H)
    - Weight: 53g (Lens only without other accessories)

    - Content:

    • Premium HD Telephoto Lens x1
    • Lens Cap x2
    • Soft Carrying Bag x1

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      Photography Set(SNAP! Case + Premium HD Lens Series)

      $88.58 USD$143.98 USD