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AquaSeal Sacoche - Dark Black

$79.00 USD$98.00 USD

Summer Must-Have: AquaSeal Sacoche

AquaSeal Sacoche adheres to IPX7 immersion waterproof standards, keeping your essentials dry, secure, and portable throughout your journeys.



+Zipper Upgrade | Waterproof Airtight Zipper

The upgraded zipper features a fully sealed and waterproof design, ensuring complete protection against water seepage for the AquaSeal Waterproof Bag.

+Triple Capacity Enhancement

The AquaSeal sacoche offers triple the capacity, giving extra space to carry all the belongings for any adventure.

Adjustable Quick-Dry Shoulder Strap

  • Wide and Comfortable - Enhanced Load-bearing Capacity.
  • Instant Length Adjustment - Featuring convenient fasteners for easy length adjustment.
  • Rapid Drying - fabric accelerates drying time for the shoulder strap.

Touch Screen and Camera-Friendly

Use your phone or take pictures directly through the transparent phone pouch. Now you can use your phone anytime, anywhere, and capture every precious moment.


100% Waterproof 

SGS Certified for waterproof protection, allowing submersion up to 1 meter(3ft.) deep and over 30 minutes.

Seamless High - Frequency Welding Technique

AquaSeal Sacoche is made with a special waterproof process, ensuring seamless construction that keeps water out.


Fidlock® Quick Release

The sacoche features genuine German-made Fidlock® magnetic fasteners for effortless bag attachment and removal.


Secure Design

The Fidlock® magnetic fastener can only be released at a specific angle to prevent an accidental detachment.


AquaSeal Sacoche

- Color:Dark Black
- Dimention:235 x 175 x 60mm
- Touch-Enabled Bag Dimensions:235 x 133 x13mm
- Weight:154g ± 10%
- Material420D Nylon Waterproof TPU with double-sided construction / Fidlock® Y-Buckle / Waterproof seal zipper 

(*The actual color of the bag is based on the real product.) 
Designed in Taiwan, made in China.

24-Hour Water Entry Test (Video)

Every AquaSeal Sacoche has conducted the 24-hour water entry test to ensure the waterproofing. The AquaSeal Sacoche is designed with continuity in mind—and molded with a seamless, high-frequency welding technique. Please check the exterior for any damage and pull the seal zipper tightly closed to ensure the IPX7 waterproof. If the zipper isn’t sealed, it could cause damage to your personal items or smartphone. We provide the following testing instructions before using the AquaSeal Sacoche:

1. Seal Zipper Instruction
2. Water Entry Test Instruction

After pulling the zipper tightly closed, please gently tap the bag and listen for any leaking air. If there is no air leaking, the AquaSeal Waterproof bag is completely sealed with waterproofing.

Overview & Installation

Bitplay’s AquaSeal Sacoche consists of two pieces: the front phone pouch and the back bag. The Fidlock® magnetic fastener joins and secures the front and back bag, and the attached safety string prevents any unwanted drops or falls.


Front Phone Pouch

This transparent pouch features a touchscreen-friendly design, enabling you to operate your smartphone with ease.

*The touchscreen capabilities decrease underwater. To easily take photos or videos, open your camera app before submerging the bag in water.

Back Bag

The opaque back bag is designed to provide smart storage spaces for your valuables.

*Overfilling the bag can cause it to lose its shape and become harder to zip. To ensure AquaSeal properly protects your belongings, avoid overfilling.

Seal Zipper

The AquaSeal Sacoche stays airtight using a professional-grade seal zipper. To close, pull the seal zipper tightly to the end to fully protect your belongings. 

Safety String

The safety string is installed on the clasps of the front pouch and the back bag to prevent them from accidentally coming apart.

Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener

The Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener can only be released at a specific angle, which enables you to use the bags together or separately and keep your items safe.

Strap Installation

The bag has two clasps on both sides. Buckle the strap onto the clasps to install the strap on the bag.


1. Buckle the belt to the bag using both of the D-rings located on either side of the bag.

2. Once the belt is installed, adjust the clasp of the fixed strap.

3. Pull the horizontal belt strap to the back, and buckle it to the D-ring on the bag.


By default, the fixed strap is connected to the Fidlock® Buckle Belt with a short red strap attached.

To release: Pull up on the red string to release the belt.

To fasten: Line up the magnets together to reconnect.

  1. The AquaSeal Sacoche is not shock-resistant—therefore, we cannot guarantee protection of your items in the event of drops or falls. We suggest you properly reinforce your personal items or smartphone before placing them into the bag. 
  2. Test the waterproofing before using AquaSeal Sacoche. Before fully submerging the AquaSeal Sacoche into water, please check its appearance and conduct the water entry test to ensure the bag is sealed. To do so, submerge the bag underwater 30 centimeters for up to 10 minutes. bitplay’s warranty, maintenance, return, and exchange services do not apply to your smartphone or valuables.
  3. Please do not press the AquaSeal Sacoche firmly if the seal zipper has locked air inside. Doing so could cause damage to the zipper due to inner pressure.
  4. Avoid placing the AquaSeal Sacoche in a high-temperature environment or direct sunlight to prevent permanent damage in fused parts.
  5. When you place your smartphone into the front bag, it’s normal to see your screen become foggy since the AquaSeal Sacoche is fully sealed. The air in the bag will become humid, and the temperature of the mobile devices  may cause the temperature to rise. Once the bag is submerged into cold water, the temperature difference may cause the interior of the transparent pouch to fog. If this happens, simply remove your smartphone from the bag.
  6. Display covers may appear different on your device. Expect slight variation from color as shown on this page.
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AquaSeal Sacoche - Dark Black

$79.00 USD$98.00 USD