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AquaSeal Active Waterproof Sling Bag - Classic Black

$185.00 USD

 Stabilizer Strap Included. 
* Extra Straps included for EDC Organizer, and Water Bottle Carrier.

bitplay AquaSeal Active Sling Bag

IPX7-rated waterproof bag featuring a quick release phone pouch and modular design, ideal for outdoor activities and urban daily life.

Ready to explore the world? From the sea to the mountains and cities, AquaSeal Active accompanies you on every journey, keeping your essentials dry, safe, and portable at all times.

AquaSeal Active is made from 420D and 600D nylon fabrics with double-sided TPU coating for water resistance and lasting durability. Using the seamless welding technique and professional airtight zippers, this sling bag meets IPX7 immersion waterproof standards.

Two interchangeable front bags, adjustable straps, and integrated gears make AquaSeal Active a versatile bag for various activities like playing water sports, trekking, biking, skiing, skateboarding, and everyday commuting.


Materials and Manufacturing 

AquaSeal Active uses top-grade materials from premium brands. 
The body of the bag consists of a highly durable 420D nylon fabric with double-sided waterproof coating. 
The strap adapter and buckles are built from brands like Dura-Flex®, making them suitable for all kinds of outdoor sports with excellent wear-resistance. 
The magnetic fasteners are made from the industry leading brand, Fidlock®. Along with being easy to use, the locks are very sturdy and extremely secure. 
The extra-wide airtight zippers with stainless steel pull tabs provide additional protection and durability for any type of environment.

From exploring outdoors to living city life, AquaSeal Active accompanies you along the way!

100% Waterproof Guarantee

Using high quality materials and professional techniques, AquaSeal Active meets IPX7 immersion standards, meaning that it can be submerged up to 3 feet (1 meter) in water for 30 minutes.

Keep Your Essentials Dry & Safe

Full underwater protection and a modular design with universal functionality. The detachable Phone Pouch provides speedy access to your phone, the Main Sling has a compact storage space and various features that are useful in all activities.

Immediate Access to Your Phone

Always want to take pictures during water activities but your phone is out of reach? We know the struggle. The waterproof phone pouch is designed to make accessing your phone extremely easy. Now you can use your phone anytime, anywhere, and capture every precious moment.

  • Fidlock® Quick Release

Detach and reattach the phone pouch in a flash with Fidlock® magnetic fasteners. Triangular fastener points prevent the pouch from being pulled off accidentally.

  • Touch Screen and Camera-Friendly

Use your phone or take pictures directly through the transparent pouch without removing your phone. Protect your phone anywhere—from rainy city streets to an aquatic expedition.

  • Safety Tether

Keep your phone close—a safety tether keeps your phone securely fastened even when you’re on the move.

Smart Storage System

Whether going to the beach or the mountains, there are some essentials that accompany us everywhere: sunglasses, wallets, snacks, medicines, GoPro, sunscreen. With the sling design, you can take your personal belongings with you always, and keep them fully dry.

The main bag has four attachment points and a detachable strap, which allows you to wear it as a sling, a messenger, or a waist bag.


Carry It the Way You Like

Adjustable main strap, interchangeable front bags, and integrated gears together make the bag versatile, providing multiple ways of carrying for different situations, including sling, messenger, waist bag, bike stem bag, skateboard bag, and more. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, AquaSeal Active always gets your back!

Water Sports Lovers

Keep all your valuables close at hand in the water and capture every moment whenever you’d like.

Riders on the Move

Tight your bag to the bike stem to have direct access to your phone, and navigate your way even on the rainiest of days.

Stylish Urbanites

Use it during your daily commute in cities or on your trips. Change the phone pouch to the EDC organizer so you can carry more of what you need.

Street Skaters

Slide through the streets in style with the sling bag staying put—so you can move freely and perfect tricks.. You can also carry your skateboard (up to 22") along with the bag on your back for maximum comfort.

Adventure-Ready Features

With a range of additional accessories, AquaSeal Active offers unparalleled versatility. Take a closer look at the modular and transformative design in detail.


EDC Organizer

Carries all your daily essentials

It is the urban alternative to the waterproof phone pouch. Using sustainable fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, the EDC organizer has the Fidlock® quick release fasteners and a compact storage space to keep your daily goods organized. Ideal for urban commuters and travelers. 

Stabilizer Strap

Extra steady for all your exploring

Assemble the additional stabilizer strap and the main strap into a Y-shaped buckle belt, making the bag stay closer to your body. This design allows you to take part in outdoor activities without anything in your way.

Skateboard and Water Bottle Carrier

Adjustable design with two functions

Attach the carrier to the back of the main sling to stow your skateboard (up to 22"), or attach it to the bottom of the bag to hold your water bottle. Adjust the length of the straps according to your needs.




1. Front Phone Pouch

Fidlock® Magnetic Fastener

The AquaSeal Active uses three Fidlock® Magnetic Fasteners that can only be released at a specific angle, and prevent the pouch from being pulled off accidentally.

2.Back Bag


Bike Stem Bag User Manual 

Skateboard Carrier User Manual (Up to 22”)

Product Testing Instructions 

Before fully submerging the AquaSeal Active into water with your belongings, bitplay advises you to check the exterior for any damage and conduct the water entry test to ensure the bag is sealed.

Water Entry Test Instructions


1. The AquaSeal Active is not shock-resistant—therefore, we cannot guarantee the protection of your items in the event of drops or falls. We suggest you properly reinforce your personal items or smartphone before placing them into the bag.

2. Test the waterproofing before using AquaSeal Active. Before fully submerging the AquaSeal Active into the water, please check its appearance and conduct the water entry test to ensure the bag is sealed. To do so, submerge the bag underwater 30 centimeters for up to 10 minutes. bitplay’s warranty, maintenance, return, and exchange services do not apply to your smartphone or valuables.

3. Please do not press the AquaSeal Active firmly if the seal zipper has locked air inside. Doing so could cause damage to the zipper due to inner pressure.

4. Avoid placing the AquaSeal Active in a high-temperature environment or direct sunlight to prevent permanent damage in fused parts.

5. After submerging the AquaSeal Active underwater  (especially under the seawater, beach, or other environments containing salt), please wash with clean water and soak into water for up to 10 minutes. Then place the bag in a cool, dry place to maintain the function of the bag.

6. When you place your smartphone into the front bag, it’s normal to see your screen become foggy since the AquaSeal Active is fully sealed. The air in the bag will become humid, and the temperature of the mobile devices may cause the temperature to rise. Once the bag is submerged into cold water, the temperature difference may cause the interior of the transparent pouch to fog. If this happens, simply remove your smartphone from the bag.

7. Display covers may appear different on your device. Expect slight variation from color as shown on this page.


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AquaSeal Active Waterproof Sling Bag - Classic Black

$185.00 USD