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iPhone 7 update


We're super excited to get to work testing our lenses and cases with the new iPhone 7. Unlike general smartphone cases, our cases have to be designed to very precise specs. They need to match the iPhone lens location and dimensions perfectly. Compatibility with new iPhone models can vary, so we have to wait in line like everybody else to get our hands on iPhone 7 before we can start testing and modifications.

The iPhone 7 dimensions are almost exactly the same as iPhone 6S, which is a good start. But the lens and flash have some significant changes in size and location, and the antenna design has been altered.

Comparing the iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 lens directly, it's also apparent that the iPhone 7 lens bezel is much larger.

We tested iPhone 7 with our SNAP! PRO case to see how it fits.

With a SNAP! PRO mounted to iPhone 7, we can see that the lens opening doesn't match up. The shift in lens position on iPhone 7 means SNAP! Pro will not work with iPhone 7. The opening has to match exactly in order to get a perfect photography experience. So we'll be engineering a new range of cases for iPhone 7.

To test bitplay lenses with iPhone 7, we can modify a SNAP! PRO case to make an improvised lens mounting plate.

The iPhone 7 lens features a wider angle of view and a rounded, raised bezel. This is a challenge for our mechanical engineer to ensure a precise alignment and distance between the new iPhone lens and bitplay lenses.

Any tiny misalignment will impact the external lens focus, so the testing process has to be extremely thorough to get an accurate result.

After intensive testing work, we're delighted to learn that all bitplay lenses are compatible with iPhone 7 and produce some fantastic results. This is really great news.

The test data and measurements will inform the design of the upcoming new iPhone 7 cases, and we'll release more information on the new case and publish a series of photos taken using bitplay lenses with iPhone 7 somewhere between late-October and mid-November.

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